Charlie's world!

Hello and my name is called charlie, and I am goeng to tell you about what I do when I do it.

Also if you are wonderind if I am going to tell you more, fun stuff well you are 100% right.

this is a happy emoji which you use when you are texting someone. My favourate emoji is this emoji which is on the left of this piece of writing because I like being happy a lot of the time I don’t know why though.

this is my favourate colers. My favourate coulers are Red,Lightblue,Green and turqoise.

My Friends



I have 2 slam scooters 2 bmx’s as well.

this is a stunt scooter whith 2 wheels and it is orange and black to.


I like doing my life saving club because I am on rookie life guard and I am on gold number two.