minecraft is a game about surviving the nights and days fighting evil monsters and defeating bosses and colecting special ores which can be crafted into tools weapons and armour and building a whole paradise this website will aso tell you about superhero armour and weapons and the gardians of the galaxy mod.

the gardians of the galaxy are a epic team of superheroes who battle the evil that inhabbits other planets the first superhero is called starlord he is a outlaw who drives around in the milano there spaceship the second rocket he is a rackoon armed with a superpoweful rocket launcher next is groot he is a humonoid plant designed to take down his enimies and work with rocket next is gamora her father is thanos who is evil but she turns to the good side next is drax his mission is to defeat and also works with starlord now. as a team they are all powerfull

this is the epic guide to superheroes and minecraft ninjago masters of spinjitsu the ninjas are kia master of fire cole master of earth jay master of lightning zane mster of titanium and ice ands the loyd master of life as they battle against the anacondri and master chen this is also a series on cartoon network on television