I like to play rounder the rules o Rounders’ is a game played between two teams and the aim of the game is to score the most points. The basic rules are: Teams can be a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 15 players. 9 players are on the field for each team at any one time. The points are if the batter reaches the 2nd post in o m catch the ball hit by a batter before it touches the ground or by touching the post the batter is running to with the ball before the batter reaches it. If the runner reaches the 4th post on a no ball, the batting team scores 1 rounder. The batter cannot be caught out.1/2 rounder scored if the 4th post is reached without the batter hitting the ball. If the ball goes into the backward area the batter must stay at the 1st post until it reaches the outward area. If the 4th post is reached, 1 rounder is scored. If 2nd post is reached before the next ball is bowled, the batting team get 1/2 rounder, but if the batter continues to run and is put out before the 4th post then it is taken off. If the batter incurs 2 no balls in a row then a penalty 1/2 rounder is given to the batting team. There is a penalty 1/2 rounder given to the batting team if the batter is obstructed by a fielder. The team with the most rounder’s wins.