Golf is where you have to try and hit the ball into the hole. You have to hit the ball with a club,here are some of them,driver,8 iron,7 iron,9 iron,6 iron,5 iron,4 iron,pitching wedge and putter.

Golf is a very competetive game you can play on your own or as a team.the main rules of golf are you have to get the ball in the can only move the ball if it is out of can only get a ball if you cant find the one you hit or if it goes in the water.

There are different type of scores like par when you go to the next hole you will see a board that will have a number if you get the golf ball in the hole in that many shots it is called a par.

Another one is birdie a birdie is like a par but it is one shot less than the par

Another one is a bogey which is one more than the par

Also there is a 4 over par a 4 over par is where you get 4 shots over par.

The last one is a eagle the eagle is where you get it in two.